Juniper Payments
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First National Bank of Hutchinson

I can honestly say, after working with Juniper Payments for over eight years, they are a tremendous company! The customer service is above and beyond expectations.

JP is always ahead of the game with new services, technology and regulations. As a customer for so many years, I feel like a part of the company and actually have a voice to request new services and provide input towards services they are developing. The JP employees are wonderful colleagues and friends.

Stacy Ryder Senior Cash Management Administrator Correspondent Banking

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Volunteer Corporate Credit Union

After doing business with Juniper Payments for over 5 years, I have repeatedly experienced that JP is small and agile enough to address our needs quickly and efficiently.  They’re also sophisticated and creative enough to develop solutions that always meet our needs and exceed expectations.  I never hesitate to call on JP and I never doubt their ability to deliver!

Karen Clabough Director of Operations

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Bankers' Bank of the West

Being part of an organization that’s earned a reputation for attentive service and expertise, I expect the same from our partners, too. My top priority is ensuring our community bank users are well taken care of. Juniper Payments has earned our confidence by delivering the support and solutions that empower us, in turn, to meet our customers’ expectations.

Debbie Wendt Senior Vice President - Operations

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The Independent Bankers' Bank

"How do you convert a 2.6 billion dollar bank? It's like turning the Titanic."

"As we started our implementation process, we identified so many insurmountable obstacles, or so we thought. However, thanks to our Juniper Payments implementation manager, each of these obstacles were creatively resolved.  Today, we still have those moments of panic, but the support staff at Juniper Payments is always there, offering creative and innovative solutions.  The support staff and management team is responsive to our needs, always available when we need them, and demonstrates a real commitment to go the extra mile for their customers.  Three thumbs up to the entire Juniper Payments team."

Michele Arvo Vice President, Electronic Payments Manager

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Kansas Corporate Credit Union

"Working with Juniper Payments throughout our implementation process has really been refreshing. Not only have they addressed any and all concerns along the way, they have sincerely considered and responded to, our suggestions and 'wish list.' Their implementation team quickly responds to our requests, and often provides a solution by the next day. What we like most about Juniper Payments, however, is their understanding of the correspondent banking niche, something we have not found with other vendors. I believe that is why they are so responsive. They understand what is most important to KCCU and our members."

Tonya Johnston Operations Manager

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Bankers' Bank Northeast

"We depend on Juniper Payments"

"Juniper Payments is a great partner for us. Bankers' Bank Northeast was an early adopter of the Extranet platform having established its relationship with Juniper Payments in October 2003."

"The Juniper Payments bank-to-bank communication platform is a very versatile system. In addition to communicating with our clients, it has allowed us to handle significant client growth and activity without a significant increase in staffing or overhead. It’s easy to use and has helped our clients improve their own back-office work flow and efficiency."

"Knowing that Juniper Payments is there to help us makes a difference when we are looking for new projects and products to offer. The expandability is impressive. We have added and interfaced new features that have allowed us to offer a full array of settlement services."

"When the industry adopted Check 21, Bankers’ Bank Northeast wanted to participate in this new check processing, so signing up to become an OnWe Network® Community host with Juniper Payments was an easy decision. This new product offers our clients a low-cost, same-day electronic clearing and settlement solution for check image processing."

"We have been very pleased with our partnership with Juniper Payments, but it’s the service that completes the partnership. The people care; it’s personal with them and they are always willing to listen and work as a team to create the best web-based communications product for community banks. There is nothing better than working with competent people who know you, understand your business and view themselves as a member of your team."

Elissa Reynolds Senior Vice President, Operations